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Dry Magnet to handle Lithium Powder
Product Description

The performance of a battery is closely related to the quality of its materials

As we all know, the variety of battery materials is diversified, the production process is more complex, the risk of quality failure is greater, so the quality management requirements are higher.

Production equipment is the main link of foreign body introduction, such as the equipment parts and tools in contact with the material appear rust, inherent material wear phenomenon; The equipment parts and tools that are not directly in contact with the material will float into the material due to the airflow in the workshop after dust adhesion. According to the degree of influence, different treatment methods can be adopted, such as painting, replacing with non-metallic material coating (plastic, ceramic), and wrapping bare metal parts.

In order to remove the metal foreign bodies, electromagnetic iron process has become a production of the anode materials, electromagnetic iron removal machine is widely used, but the device of non-magnetic metals such as copper, zinc, etc, so the workshop should avoid the use of copper and zinc components, such as must be used also as far as possible don't direct contact with powder or bare in the air. In addition, the installation position, installation number and parameter Settings of the electromagnetic iron remover also have a certain impact on the iron removal effect.

PTMS Magnetic Separator Process Lithium Powder

The PTMS Magnetic Separator Company located at Shanghai City, China. We are committed to all kinds of electromagnetic, permanent magnet iron removal equipment and magnetic separation equipment research and development and production, products include dry, wet electromagnetic iron removal, permanent magnet iron removal grid, permanent magnet paste pipe type iron filter, etc. Our professional magnetic force development and design team has rich on-site customization experience, the products are widely used in lithium battery new energy, non-metallic ore, food, medicine and other products need to remove iron in various related industries. We are in the spirit of sincere customer service concept, to provide advanced and efficient all kinds of iron removal equipment.

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