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PTMS-A15K300G dry powder iron removal machine

Technical feature
● The l electromagnetic dry powder iron removal machine for the positive and negative materials and developed the new iron removal machine, its magnetic system characteristics are large Angle, multiple magnetic poles, the absolute value of magnetic flux density in the machine selection area is relatively average, play the role of its magnetic system selection, can be designed according to the different properties of the ore design of different field strength;
● In addition, the electromagnetic dry powder machine in the selection process need not overcome the effect of gravity and raw materials of the resistance effect, when the non-magnetic mineral from the magnetic field, under the action of gravity, the mineral can be well separated from the magnetic cylinder;
● And the electromagnetic dry powder iron removal machine has increased the mechanical vibration device, not only can improve the effect of iron removal, but also convenient to achieve iron abandonment.

Subject range
● Electromagnetic dry powder iron removal machine is especially suitable for selecting fine-grain mineral powder particles. Such as non-metallic mineral feldspar powder, quartz powder, kaolin powder and other minerals of iron, titanium impurities removal, as well as ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, positive and negative materials, graphite, white carbon black and other powder materials to remove miscellaneous purification.

Operation process
● feed the powder from the feed per, keep the dry powder in a magnetized state, and start a vibrator. When the feeding reaches a certain point, stop the feeding, disconnect the exciting magnetic device, start the other vibrator (keep two vibrators vibrate at the same time), and push the baffle in the hopper to the iron outlet, so that the magnetic material absorbed in the magnetic medium with the help of vibrating force to vibrate it down and discharge.

Product Description

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