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PTMS-A18.5K300J Surry iron removal machine

Technical feature
● The output voltage is adjustable. According to the properties of the specific ceramic raw materials, the output voltage of the oil-cooled electromagnetic slurry automatic iron removal machine can be adjusted and save the loss of electric energy;
● adopts the cooling method of water and oil, so that the internal heating is reduced, and the magnetic field strength decay speed of the magnetic separator is reduced to the minimum, thus extending the service life of the magnetic separator;
● The oil cooler is more than 30% energy saving than the water cooler.

Subject range
● electromagnetic slurry iron remover is especially suitable for non-metallic mineral slurry below 40 items, such as ceramic slurry, glaze, ball abrasive, washed kaolin, ball grinding potassium sodium stone, etc.

Product Description

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