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PTMS-A18K250G electromagnetic dry powder iron removal machine

Technical feature
● Low energy consumption, high magnetic field gradient, uniform magnetic field distribution, effective magnetic field area extension, and obvious iron removal effect.
● automatic operation PLC control, iron cleaning system each stage time can be freely adjusted, PTMSe use occasions.
● The magnetic field strength of the l mesh medium exceeds 16000GS.
● The l double vibration motor produces high frequency ground amplitude vibration, using high frequency adjustment speed to suit the passing ability of different materials.
● recycle cooling water, and ensure coil safety through current and temperature monitoring.
● Specifically designed to remove fine iron from particle size below 50 microns.

Subject range
● electromagnetic dry powder iron removal machine is especially suitable for selecting fine particle mineral particles, such as magnetic fine particle ferrous metal hematite, false hematite, limonite, siderite, chromite, manganese ore, fine particle ferrous metal, fine particle rare metal monazite, and fine particle non-metallic mineral, quartz, kaolin, which is especially suitable for mines in dry and water-deficient areas.

Product Description

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