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PTMS-conductive nano-carbon materials

Technical feature
● whole SUS304 stainless steel production, stainless steel pipe inner wall after polished pickling treatment, to ensure that the material will not be contaminated.
● The l automatic type adopts PLC intelligent control to automatically complete the excitation, feeding, iron discharge and other actions.
● Forced oil and water mixed cooling, low coil temperature rise to ensure the induction magnetic intensity.
● has the function of real-time temperature monitoring and automatic control, to avoid the coil burning due to high temperature rise.
● The l brake valve is made of inlet material, the valve body is strong and durable, and there is no residual slurry overflow after closing.
● The l conductive magnetic mesh is made of special materials. After breaking the excitation coil current, there is no magnetic retention, which is easy to remove iron.

Subject range
● is used to remove iron and fine iron powder mixed in liquid. It can also be used for higher temperatures or for slurry types. The raw material passes through many electromagnetic filters with high iron removal effects, thus removing fine iron powder of several microns. Suitable for battery material iron removal, ceramic glaze embryo material iron removal, etc.

Product Description

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