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JPX-CBJZ series fully automatic magnetic rod set slurry iron removal machine
Product Description


PTMS-CBJZ series-Selection parameters of fully automatic magnetic rod group slurry iron removal machine:

PTMS-CBJZ series-Basic configuration of fully automatic magnetic rod group slurry iron remover:

PTMS-CBJZ series-Technical parameters of fully automatic magnetic rod group slurry iron remover:

【 Note 】 Cleaning system description: Using a double scraper scraper, first rinse the magnetic rod with water for 10 seconds to remove dirt, reduce the resistance of the scraper, extend the lifespan of the scraper, and then allow the scraper to scrape the adsorbed iron impurities to the bottom of the magnetic rod in the non magnetic area. Cross rinse with water for 20 seconds to complete.

Device description:

(1) Suitable for the removal of ceramics, metallurgy, mining and mining, chemical, food and other industries in various slurry material strong magnetic iron impurities;

(2) The use of high-performance magnetic materials, used at room temperature to ensure 3 years of demagnetization 5%;

(3) The rotary iron removal production process is adopted, so that the slurry of iron impurities can be more fully adsorbed by the magnetic rods, to do the iron removal without dead corners.

(4) The iron scraping device adopts a double-sided scraping ring to drain the iron thoroughly and extend the service life of the scraping ring;

(5) The equipment has excellent material selection, reasonable structure, perfect processing technology, stable performance, high efficiency, simple maintenance; iron removal, cleaning cycle time adjustable;

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