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JPX-CCY series of fully automatic magnetic field type glaze, material iron removal machine
Product Description

PTMS-CCJ series-Usage parameters of fully automatic magnetic rod group slurry iron remover:

PTMS-CCJ5 series-Equipment configuration of fully automatic magnetic field type slurry iron remover

PTMS-CCJ5 series-Technical parameters of fully automatic magnetic field type slurry iron remover equipment:

Description of PTMS-CCJ5 Series automatic Magnetic Field slurry Iron remover:

(1) it is suitable for removing strong magnetic iron impurities and partial iron oxide and titanium oxide from various slurry materials in ceramics, mineral processing, chemical industry, food and other industries.

(2) the unique magnetic circuit is designed to realize the interworking between magnetic field and magnetic field, and the closed magnetic circuit is really formed.

(3) the magnetic material is not in contact with the material, does not heat up, is not easy to oxidize, has simple structure, low failure rate, high reliability and long service life.

(4) the company has designed and made a set of cleaning system to ensure the thorough cleaning of the working medium at each time.

(5) the equipment has the advantages of small occupation area, stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient operation and simple maintenance.

(6) products can be customized exclusively according to customer requirements.

(7) PTMS-CCJ5-6 equipment model meaning: PTMS: Singhan, CC: magnetic field, J: slurry material, front number 5: magnetic field code, rear number 6: number of working cavities

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