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PTMS-battery material slurry U-type iron remover

Technical feature
● battery material slurry U-type iron remover is composed of magnetic rod group and stainless steel barrel body, which connects the inlet and outlet and production line pipe by flange and clamp.
● is mostly used for fluid, semi-fluid and other different viscous or non-viscous fluid materials, through the strong magnetic field of the internal fluid iron remover, effectively filter the fine iron impurities in the material and improve the material quality.

Product presentation
● The l standard operating temperature is 80℃, and the maximum operating temperature can reach 350℃;
● pipe material 304 or 316 stainless steel is optional;
● Flange, clamp and other design, can realize the easy installation and cleaning of magnetic parts;
● Reasonable structural design to ensure the effect of iron removal, and does not hinder the flow of materials;
● The l can be customized according to the customer's request.

Subject range
● battery material paste U-type iron remover is PTMSely used in battery slurry iron ion filtration in the new energy industry. The products mainly absorb iron iron ions through strong magnetic adsorption.

Product Description

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