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PTMS-rotary iron remover

Technical feature
● Easy to install l quick open design structure, cleaning and installation.
● The maximum magnetic field can reach 12000GS, the working temperature of ordinary products is 80℃, and the maximum operating temperature can reach 350℃ under special requirements.
● The number of l magnetic rods can be adjusted according to the material characteristics.● The l inlet and exit can be designed as a flange or square interface and can be easily installed on various pipes.
● The l will prevent the material from clogging.

Subject range
● The l rotary magnetic iron remover is PTMSely used in building materials, chemical, coal, food, refractory materials and pharmaceutical industries, suitable for powder or granular materials iron remover, is easy to block, bypass, blocked viscosity or poor liquidity of the materials to remove ferromagnetic impurities good choice.

Product Description

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